01/ 08

Welcome to Niwaki & Niwashi

       You are lovers of niwaki and Japanese pruning and would like to work with exceptionally fine, highly suitable, high-performance tools ...

      Today, this is no longer just a dream. It has become reality. Benefit from incomparable know-how, with several thousands of years’ experience in working steel and creating blades and cutting tools.

      These tools are perfectly suited to creating and looking after niwaki, but their remarkable quality also makes them perfect for all professionals and amateurs of gardening and tree and shrub-pruning.

     So, yes, some other shops have started to sell what looks like the articles presented here. But, make no mistake, an attractive price is never synonymous with QUALITY. The products that we offer you are the representatives of the best of traditional Japanese crafts. There are products that have a soul. These tools are manufactured using specific techniques to forging, rolling and stamping, and are also finished by hand. Those are products that mass production can not make. A blade edge with such a sharp, for your convenience and work efficiency, can not be obtained in industry. Here among other things, that the subtlety of human sensitivity makes the difference. If you take care of them, you will last all your life as a gardener !

     Niwaki and Niwashi also offers many other things : Japanese ladders, books on the themes of niwaki and Japanese gardens, traditional bamboo palisades, courses in France and North America, an initiatory journey in Japan, the creation of authentic Japanese gardens, traditional or contemporary ... There is something for every taste and every need !

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