Utilisation and safety conditions




All the products sold by Niwaki-et-niwashi.com are selected for their high quality and they guarantee your safety and comfort under normal conditions of utilisation.

For protecting all your trees against the risks of any parasites invisible to the naked eye or any diseases or disease-bearing / pathogenic organisms from making their appearance, establishing themselves and developing, it is essential that preventive action is taken for disinfecting all your cutting blades before working on the trees in your garden. They should be rubbed with a mixture of alcohol and sand, or should no sand be available, with a slightly abrasive sponge soaked in alcohol, which will also rid them of any sap residue that may have remained stuck to them. Afterwards, wipe them with a clean cloth.

Should there be too much sap to be removed in this way, use a cloth soaked in turpentine.

Make sure that your tools are always sharp. Use a whetstone or a steel for sharpening or, if you do not know how to do this, have them sharpened by a professional.

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