Forêt thérapie - Shinrin yoku

Stay 3 days Forest Therapy - Shinrin yoku

735,00 €

Product Description

Talencieux is a small village located in the department of Ardeche, in the northern part called Green Ardeche, highly beneficial in terms of energy, about an hour away by car from the city of Lyon to the North, from St Etienne to the West or from Valence to the South. The rivers of Ay and Cance flow in gorges all around, in the middle of total abundance of untouched nature !


Thanks to this abundance of nature, and an innovative thinking, I offer Shinrin-yoku stays throughout the year (groups of maximum three people), with an established forest therapy program. This program varies according to the season. It includes a peaceful walk (walking or snowshoeing), meditation and relaxation sessions, energy exercises, release emotional stress, all this guided by myself, and healthy food menus based on organic products.


All manifestations of nature, be it flora, fauna, water, mineral, vibrate at a high frequency. Upon contact, our vibrational frequencies necessarily rise. We leave the lower frequencies of fear and hatred to join those highest of peace and love. We leave the world of problems accessing one of solutions. And then we stop believing that we are separated from our source and we can simply reconnect us there. Associated with this principle and given that we live in a connected world, energy corrections and release emotional stress exercises will allow us to make improvements, wellness in our own life, which will itself improve the world as a whole.


All participants leave with a consolidation program to do at home, to anchor the withdrawn benefits and initiated change.


The group has a maximum of 3 people. Registration takes place for three days, on the pre-set schedule below. The arrival takes place the day before. The package includes three nights accommodation accompanied by breakfast, three organic meals (lunch) and the forest therapy program. This registration is set beforehand, at the time of your choice. (If you need extra night, for example for practical reasons, just let us know ...). Once your payment done, you will receive by email all the accurate information needed for your reception in the best conditions. Make sure your email address is valid. 

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