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SETTING STONES - Japanese garden basics

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Do you want to learn how “setting stones", as Japanese gardeners have been doing for two millennia? And this, without leaving home ?

With this video, I come to you to teach you the basics of this Japanese garden art, thanks to my method. Would you like to learn how to set up the banks of a pond or a stream, create a classic arrangement of stones, or a metaphorical landscape ...? This video will prove ideal for you.

It will then open access to a whole range of advanced videos on achievements involving rocky arrangements. You must indeed have learned and incorporated these fundamentals before moving to other levels of difficulty. I really encourage you to not jump these steps and to really practice what you learn here before viewing other videos. To overlook the basics irreparably generates large gaps in your learning, that will not leave you, not to mention the lower quality of your achievements to come.

You will discover all that relates to the art of "setting stones"

    - The type of stones to be used according to the type of creation

    - Decrypted ancestral teachings

    - The quality of stones

    - Technical characteristics for implementation

    - Technical means of implementation

    - Practical examples

As well as many other aspects ...

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